Ven. Silacara – Storm and Calm


from The Maha Bodhi, Vol. XXXVI No. 1, January 1928, pp. 1-2

The lake last night was roaring white,
The tempest howled to heaven again.
The lightning flashed, the thunder crashed,
The trees were lashed with rods of rain.

How changed the world to-day! The wind
Is hushed; the trees to rest are laid
As deep as his whose constant mind
Upon Nibbana’s peace is stayed.

The lake, a mould of moveless calm.
Gleams in the softly shining sun
Still as his breast who knows the balm
Of wild desires for ever done.

Quiet is in the morning air,
And on the earth, and all around;
Such quiet as those bosoms share
Where passion’s voice has ceased to sound.

Stillness and quietude and peace!
To these our hearts, wing- weary, come
Like birds from flight over stormy seas.
That find at last their own true home.


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